Bridget Paddon

I'm a passionate Professional Coach who guides and coaches others to smash their goals and create a kick-ass fulfilling life. I'm a personal trainer, not for the gym, but for your life. 
I live and promote a holistic approach to life. I'm mindful of the food I put into my body and think about food as fuel. I'm mindful of the products I use on my skin, and I'm also mindful of the businesses I support. I do my best to support local and NZ businesses, which is why I love being a Morfa ambassador. 

Motivating quote I love

 "Set big goals. Goals that are almost unachievable. Make them big enough they seem unreasonable. Now set yourself really small goals. These small goals pave the road to the unreasonable goals; and before you know it, unreasonable seems reasonable." Author Unknown
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Megs & Soph

Soph is a full time rower for the New Zealand team and is off to the olympics to compete in the Light Weight double event which she is the current and two times world champion in. Megs is an elite squash player for New Zealand and regularly competes on the world stage with a current ranking of 42 in the world and second in New Zealand. Megs is also an awesome personal trainer in Blenheim out of her own home gym. Both Megs and Soph have a serious addiction for food and creating healthy, wholesome and of course delicious recipes which is why they created Megs and Soph, so they could share their recipes, reviews and journey so everyone else can enjoy them.

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Stephanie Pearce 

Hey! I'm Steph. A New Zealand Bikini Competitor, Health Coach and the creator of the Fit, Healthy and Confident Academy which is a 8 Week Coaching Program specifically designed for woman who are wanting to loose weight, improve their energy and unleash their true potential! 

I struggled to achieve my health and fitness goals for years but after my own personal transformation and years of experience in the health and fitness Industry, I was inspired to create the Fit, Healthy & Confident Academy so I could share all of my learnings and expertise to help educate, inspire and motivate woman to achieve their own health and fitness goals.
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